We are an inclusive, comprehensive community school committed to becoming an outstanding school. We believe that all our students irrespective of ability, social, cultural or religious background are entitled to the very best education through high quality teaching so that they can fulfill their potential academically, personally and socially.

 We have a strong community spirit in the school, and a determination to make it a school of which everyone is proud. You are welcome to visit us at work to see that Sir Frederic Osborn is a school to which parents may send their children with confidence. We are proud of our school, and want to share its strengths and successes with you as we move towards excellence.


History of the School

In the 1950's two new schools were planned to serve the rapidly expanding housing delvelopments on the north-east side of town; High School, Herns Lane which opened in 1956 and Attimore Secondary Modern School, which opened in 1960. In 1968 the two schools were amalgamated into one and renamed Sir Frederic Osborn School in honour of one of the founding fathers of Welwyn Garden City. We are confident that Sir Frederic Osborn would be very proud to be associated with a school that has a strong sense of community which one student described as being like 'a great big family'.