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Miss C Enstone

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The Drama department at Sir Frederic Osborn School has excellent facilities. There are three state of the art studios, fully equipped with sprung wooden floors, lighting and sound technology, costumes and props. The studios are used for lessons, rehearsals and for performances.
Drama at Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to drama conventions that are used to create effective performances. They will work in groups using their creative talents to organise and develop a number of different performance pieces. Students are given the opportunity to develop a number of specific drama skills, for example improvisation, freeze frames and character work. Pupils work individually and as part of a group and begin to learn how to evaluate their own work and the work of others. Students are assessed every half term.
In Year 7 students have two hours of Drama a fortnight. They will experience a range of topics with the emphasis based on skill acquisition. They will learn the basics of stagecraft, developing and performing their own work and work in groups on scripted pieces of theatre. Topics include: Evacuees, Theatre History and Silent Movies.

In Year 8 students have two hours of Drama a fortnight.  The focus of the lessons is to develop their Drama techniques and to create empathy when performing.  Topics include: Jack the Ripper, Crime and Punishment and Theatre in Education. 

In Year 9 students mirror the GCSE Year 10 programme.  They will be taught the basics of Konstantin Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht and use their influences and styles to create a range of Drama pieces.  Evaluation and peer assessment is a key element to the Year 9 programme to prepare the students for Year 10.
Drama at Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 students follow the AQA GCSE which consists of 3 components.  Component 1 is a written exam worth 40% of their GCSE.  Students study Blood Brothers as their set text and will review a Live Theatre performance.  Component 2 is a devised project worth 40% of their GCSE.  Students have to create an engaging piece of theatre based on a chosen theme and stimuli.  They perform to parents and write up their rehearsal logs and evaluations in Controlled Assessment conditions.  Component 3 is a practical performance of two scripted extracts.  This is worth 20% of their GCSE and is examined by AQA. 

Drama at Key Stage 5

In Years 12 and 13 we offer two courses: BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts Diploma (worth 2 A levels) and Extended Certificate (worth 1 A level). Both are vocational courses that provide numerous performance opportunities in a range of styles and genres.  There are Controlled Assessment units that require independent research and a high level of analysis skill.  This course is ideal for those wishing to continue the performing arts into higher education or who wish to work within the Arts Industry.

Why is this subject important today?
Studying Drama has a lot of personal benefits for students. They are given the opportunity to develop a number of social skills, these include, communication skills, negotiation skills, respect and self-confidence.
Ways of working:


Written Evaluations:

Theatre Visits: 
 The majority of our work is carried out through practical exploration of subject styles and genres.

Students will be asked to evaluate their own work and that of others verbally and in writing.
Throughout the year we run a number of different visits to theatres and invite touring
companies to visit us. Seeing live theatre is a brilliant basis from which to improve students’ work.

The Drama Department is very active. We demonstrate our talents in a range of challenging plays. Recent performances include: Macbeth, Pool No Water, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Blood Brothers.   
In recent years students have been taken to see: Splendid Production’s Macbeth, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Odyssey, Woyzeck, and  Matilda.
Homework in Key Stage 3 is set once a fortnight. At Key Stage 4 students receive at least one hour of homework a week.