Departmental Staff
Maths Subject Leader:-                               Ms L Paraskeva
Teacher of Mathematics:-                             
                                                               Mrs L Bek
                                                               Mr S Lee
                                                               Mr C Gibbard
                                                               Mr S Boyd
                                                               Mrs M Tinker
                                                               Mr J  Foley
                                                               Mr T Vuong

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What will a student learn in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5?
All students will study the ‘National Curriculum’ to a level appropriate to their ability.
At Key Stage 4 all students study the Edexcel Linear GCSE syllabus.
Students who go on and study Mathematics at Key Stage 5 follow the OCR A-Level in Mathematics with the option of extending this to either an AS or A2 in Further Mathematics.

What skills will students learn / develop and how will they learn?
Basic number work is the foundation for most other areas of mathematics so one of the main foci for students is to improve these skills. Students are expected to know their multiplication tables and to know written methods for basic calculations. Students not having these skills are expected to work on them throughout the year as part of their homework tasks. 
We work with students to get beyond the inherent fear of algebra and to discover that they can and do use it regularly.  They will do practical tasks as well as written exercises to develop their skills and we make regular use of IT to reinforce the understanding of concepts. 
Data Handling
We enable students to develop their data handling skills in a variety of projects and highlight how these skills are used across their different subjects. Students regularly work in groups collecting and analysing data, and they make use of a variety of IT packages to assist in this. 
We encourage students to work neatly and accurately at all times but especially in their Geometry work where accuracy is extremely important. Students make use of their rulers, compasses and protractors to construct a variety of diagrams
What is involved?
Students are taught in broadly set groups, within bands in Years 7, 8 and 9 and across the whole year group in Years 10 - 11.  They are assessed regularly to ensure they are achieving their potential and to identify any areas for development.
We make regular use of online resources such as MyMaths for learning, homework & revision. Students also benefit from the competitive element of sites such as supermathsworld where they compete against other students.

Where could the Subject Lead – Career Wise?
Engineer, Pilot, Fashion Design, Carpenter, Stock Broker, Doctor, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Sports Analyst, Meterologist (Weather Forecaster)
Homework in Key Stage 3 is set once a week and in Key Stage 4 at least one hour of homework is set per week. . These may take the form of a written exercise, some research or data collection or an online activity.  The advantage of the online tasks is that students get instant feedback and can use the links provided to get additional help before attempting the task again.

Key Stage 4 students should be doing a minimum of 90 minutes per week of home based learning which involves homework set in class but also revision of prior topics taught or practise on exam questions.

Key Stage 5 students should be doing a minimum of 5 hours per week of home based learning which involves homework set in class but also revision of prior topics taught or practise on exam questions.