Meal of the Day including a dessert or drink only £2.00

  The school operates a cafeteria system.  Although a set meal is  available each day, students may, if they wish, make up their own meals from a wide variety of separate dishes and food items.  These dishes are displayed at the hatches and are individually priced.  Meals are paid for in cash in exactly the same way as in a similar cafeteria in town although recently a biometric payment system has been introduced and parents can top up via 'Wisepay'.

The school is committed to providing a healthy meal for all students.  Students can also access the Breakfast Club and purchase refreshments at break time.  We have made a deliberate policy to remove salt, chips and fizzy drinks from our menu as they do not form part of a healthy diet and can have a negative impact of students learning and behaviour.  Please click on the following links to view the nutritional values and allergen information in relation to our menu.

TYPICAL MENUS - Please click on the links to view the menus for breakfast and lunch


Pasta dish

Shepherds Pie

Choice of vegetables

Vegetable lasagne

Toad in the hole

Baked beans

Bakewell tart



Jacket potatoes

Choice of green vegetables

Salad boxes

Sandwiches, rolls


Flapjacks, biscuits



Hot & Cold Drinks


Students may bring packed lunches, but, in order to minimise litter, these must be brought in plastic containers and eaten in the Dining Hall at lunchtime.  All students who eat a meal on the school premises, whether it is a packed lunch or a school meal, must stay in the school grounds throughout the lunch break.

We must emphasise that we cannot accept responsibility for the safety of students who stay for lunch and then leave the premises without permission.

Parents of students who wish them to go out of school for some reason, should write to the Headteacher, explaining the circumstances and accepting responsibility, who may provide a pass. Passes are only issued for students to go home for lunch and can be withdrawn if this privilege is abused.

If you think that you qualify for free meals for your child/ren, apply to Children, Schools and Families telephone number 01438 737370 for the necessary form.  You can be assured that we take every possible care to ensure that no child who has free school meals is caused any embarrassment.  Please click here to be redirected to the Herts Direct Website for more information. 

All items are cooked by our own kitchen staff, including cakes and biscuits, in accordance with HCC Policy on Allergies.  There is always a choice of hot meals, salads and a range of vegetarian dishes.