The purpose of the Behaviour for Learning Policy is to create a safe and happy community by:

1. Creating a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment where students will all be inspired to do their very best.

2. Promoting and developing students discipline, social awareness and appropriate standards of behaviour.

3. Providing common, simple robust and effective procedures for promoting effort, achievement and positive behaviour.

At Sir Frederic Osborn School we believe that high quality teaching promotes effective learning and good behaviour.  We recognise and celebrate effort and success so each student feels valued.  We will teach students to take responsibility for their own actions and to accept the consequences of their choices.

As part of the ongoing changes that we are making at school, we have investigated a number of models of whole school rewards from across the county. We have re-launched our rewards processes and they are designed to increase the intrinsic value of the rewards.  We want to encourage students to do the right things and do them right as a reward in itself, so the students can see the value of becoming better learners. We are trying to develop the learning habits and a love for learning in all of our students.
Please click here for full details of our Rewards and Consequences.

However the major changes are:-
· Use of Merits at KS4
· A weekly Director of Learning Award for excellent contribution to a lesson, a form or across the school
· A weekly Headteacher’s Award for outstanding effort,  attainment or progress at school.
· A Department Roll of Honour Board which will identify one student from each year group as being the stand out student in that subject. On of these students will then be selected as the “Gold Standard Student” for the curriculum area.